Islamic schools in Chennai

Islamic schools in Chennai, a new born galaxy with billions of dreams to mould our children to make them understand and identify the creator and to enlighten their knowledge beneficial for both worlds.

Elite Global School is dedicated to build an enriched learning environment using modern-day teaching pedagogy to cultivate an innovative and rigorous academic program streamed with CBSE Curriculum.

Islamic schools in Chennai we foster to enrich a sense of social responsibility to help our leaners play an active role in the community. The diverse and inclusive faith of the school will grow our learners into prosperous, grounded and compassionate leaders who will cherish the multicultural community in which we live , while upholding the principles and morals that are important to all faiths and underpinning the fundamental values of India.

Understanding the long gap of generation which had not experienced the value of sports academy in a school campus due to space constraints in city limits. We thought of filling this gap by giving our children the opportunity for them to explore their talents in sports and make them physically fit and healthy. This evoked us to dedicate a stretch of 6000 Sq. ft. of carpet area for the sports academy comprising a Football Turf and a wide area for physically trimming our children with different kinds of Marshial arts to be taught by well experienced trainers.


Our vision is to build a sturdy and highly educated citizen who are articulate, thoughtful, trusts to express and debate ideas and actively contributes to their own and others growth and also to uphold a learning community that produces leaders through faith, knowledge and inspiration.
Our aim is to spring a value-based education. Thus we believe in accentuating to Learn the Ethics, Empathy, Esteem and Collaboration of Islam in our life, in our teaching methodology


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